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Revenue Cycle Impact and Woeful Inefficiency Make it a High Priority

2016 Report on Provider Enrollment

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Improving efficiency and revenue cycle management for healthcare organizations has never been more important, compelling hospitals and medical practices to implement new approaches to reduce enrollment timelines, process costs, and aging receivables.

Provider Enrollment is now vital to the hospitals' revenue cycle management. The financial repercussions of a Provider Enrollment process that is out of control can be highly detrimental. As a result, healthcare leaders acknowledge that it is time to elevate and improve the Provider Enrollment process.

Learn what new research reveals in this landmark whitepaper:

  • The current and changing environment for provider enrollment and the implications it has for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and medical groups
  • Lack of attention to the provider enrollment function can be devastating to an organization’s revenue cycle management
  • The importance of streamlining common provider-payer transactions to enhance the revenue cycle