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Echo’s commitment is to provide your organization with meaningful answers and results, well beyond software. Those answers and results may include credentialing and privileging platform solutions, provider communication solutions, provider enrollment solutions, provider analytics solutions, and patient experience contact center solutions.

The operative word is solutions. We want to earn your trust as a solutions partner.

Credentialing Solutions

Provider Credentialing enables processes which improve patient safety, demonstrate quality of care, and influence both patient and provider satisfaction. EchoCredentialing has enabled a more paper-free credentialing operation for over 30 years. Many client healthcare organizations leverage EchoCredentialing to support their Master Provider Database as a Single Source of Truth. Learn more about Credentialing

Privileging Solutions

Clinical Privilege Management is only as strong as your clinical privileging process. Privilege Content and Criteria Builder™ (PCCB™) helps you verify that practitioners are qualified to perform specific procedures using a criteria-based system. Ensure your health system is paid for healthcare services provided by qualified and competent providers. Learn more about Clinical Privileging

Provider Communications Solutions

The EchoNavigator solution will streamline the onboarding processes for providers and hospital departments using a collaborative electronic tool where each can contribute to an efficient and effective onboarding process. Learn more about Provider Communications

Provider Enrollment Solutions

Provider enrollment has become a key revenue cycle initiative. Effective provider enrollment can eliminate manual processes and reduce enrollment turnaround time. EchoOneApp is the most widely adopted solution for payer credentialing.  Deployed by over 900 healthcare organizations, EchoOneApp is a full-featured provider enrollment platform which includes automated form population. Learn more about Provider Enrollment

Provider Analytics Solutions

Echo profiles provide the ability to analyze performance at the practitioner, specialty and organizational levels. EchoAnalytics profiles include provider profiles for OPPE and FPPE (Ongoing and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation), Open Payments, monitoring sanctions and exclusion lists for your staff, primary source verifications, and more. Learn more about Provider Analytics

Patient Experience Contact Center Solutions

Contact center patient experience hubs streamline access to care, bridge the transition from volume to value-based reimbursement and provide trust-building personal connections at the important first point of contact. Learn more about Patient Experience Contact Centers