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Clinical Privileging

Clinical privileging is the process in which an organization’s medical staff evaluates and recommends an individual provider be allowed to provide specific patient care services in their healthcare facility within well‐defined training requirements. Most facilities define these patient care services as core privileges.

Core privileges are those clinical activities within a given specialty that any appropriately trained provider with good references would be competent to perform. There is an expected baseline of competency for each practitioner. For Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies, the ability to perform such privileges must be evaluated and documented. In addition, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has mandated that clinical privileging systems in hospitals (and other healthcare organizations required to privilege practitioners) be carefully surveyed to assure that when CMS pays for healthcare services, those services are provided by qualified and competent individuals.

A robust clinical privileging system has the following components:

  • A privileging system for establishing criteria for a given specialty
  • Formal request procedure with documented evidence of competence
  • An evaluation/recommendation process for administration and department chairs
  • A method to monitor ongoing performance (OPPE/FPPE)

Developed by our sister company, Morrisey, A HealthStream Company, the Morrisey Privileging Solution provides an industry-leading library of delineated privileges for over 100 adult and pediatric specialties. You can easily build, customize and organize your hospital-specific privilege delineation forms directly in the Privileging Solution and import these forms into EchoCredentialing.