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Provider Communications

As health systems increase the purchasing of medical groups and the industry trend supports provider employment, onboarding and retention requirements have increased.  In addition to reducing onboarding costs by streamlining internal processes, when done well, the onboarding process will improve provider success and retention.

Onboarding is a series of tasks and processes which hospitals or health systems use to bring new providers into the organization involving multiple departments and groups.

An Onboarding solution:

  • Centralizes applicant onboarding processes and steps into a central hub
  • Improves communication between departments and applicants
  • Streamlines processes involved in onboarding across departments
  • Improves productivity of any constituents involved in the onboarding process

The EchoNavigator solution will streamline the onboarding processes for providers and hospital departments using a collaborative electronic tool where each can contribute to an efficient and effective onboarding process.

Providers and their staff are enabled to manage and complete the required onboarding steps and processes from both a detailed and high level. EchoNavigator also allows individuals from departments to manage and complete the required onboarding steps including detailed information such as date completed with comments. This facilitates cross departmental collaboration where dependencies will be developed. These dependencies such as beginning enrollment once credentialing is at a specific step will ensure appropriate departments and resources are able to identify tasks ready for action. The cross collaboration options will improve cross departmental efficiency, communication, and provider success.

EchoNavigator will all provide healthcare executives the opportunity to view the status of all providers within their department or hospital to understand how the process is performing.