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Provider Credentialing

Provider Credentialing management is a required function for hospitals, health systems and healthcare organizations. It supports processes to support patient safety, demonstrate quality of care, manage the cycle and impact patient and provider satisfaction. To achieve these aims, hospitals and health systems are seeking to optimize how they analyze providers, streamline administrative processes, while complying with regulatory requirements.

Spurred by the Joint Commission Medical Staff standards and other regulatory requirements, credentialing has been transformed from a scheduled periodic review to continuous, evidence-driven analysis of professional competence and provider performance. This transformation expands the areas to review at initial and recredentialing; necessitates integrations with EMR systems; requires ongoing, automatic monitoring of licenses, sanctions, and exclusions; and demands robust assessment workflow and portals for chairs, chiefs, and peers. Fresh perspectives are needed, in our view, to deliver solutions that meet these requirements and support the transition to paperless processes.

EchoCredentialing has enabled a more paper-free credentialing and provider data management operation for more than 30 years. Many healthcare organizations leverage our solution to support their Master Provider Database, or Single Source of Truth. Our systems automate manual processes and supports unified clinical privileging, single or enterprise-wide Credentialing Verification Organizations (CVOs), while helping organizations move to a highly efficient and paperless processes. Over 1,200 hospitals rely on EchoCredentialing to manage their provider data.